Oprah Network Dismisses CEO


Oprah Winfrey’s cable channel is experiencing a shakeup in the executive ranks. OWN Chief Executive Christina Norman has been shown the exit door, just five months after the network’s launch. The channel has been struggling to gain traction in the ratings realm and will now turn to Discovery Communications exec Peter Ligouri to help turn things around.

Ligouri will serve on an interim basis while continuing his role as Discovery’s COO. OWN launched on January 1st as a joint venture between Discovery and Winfrey’s production company. The shakeup comes just weeks before Oprah wraps her syndicated talk show on May 25th. She plans to devote more time to OWN once “The Oprah Winfrey Show” comes to an end. Discovery has also promised to invest more in OWN.


  1. The O network is doing bad is because it catering to WHITE people….you don’t see any Beautiful Black people on her network. She wants to inspire and give people a sense of happiness. Well, as Doc. Phill would say….How is that working for you. People watch to be entertained, not to watch the wicked Judds cry all the dang time! Who needs it! I don’t watch and won’t until she can sho me that she is PRO BLACK!!!!

  2. @ Kay, I totally agree with you!!! It seems like Oprah is targetting predominently white audiences to get better ratings. What she fails to realize is that, it was not that CEO’s fault that her show was doing bad….Oprah has to make the final call. If Oprah says, “let’s capture our black people as our audience”, the CEO would’ve made it happen. The Oprah Winfrey Show has even captured white audiences in recent years. I love Oprah, and I really hope that she can turn this thing around!

  3. @ KAY AND @ CHARLENE I think Oprah is catering to the causion I feel that she is boarding her horizon with catering to all Majority of black people dont have that expensive cable so she have to do what she have to do… I do agree that she need to more black people on her shows but hey black is not in so you have to do what she have to do … I really think Oprah dont need her own network because of the bad economy right now she is taking a mighty hit hope she willing substain the blow


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