Oprah Winfrey Wants to Interview Lauryn Hill


My girl The Jasmine Brand stays up on the tweets!

If you’ve been watching Oprah Winfrey’s “Next Chapter” on OWN, you know she’s been pulling in some heavy hitters, with interviews. The past two weeks have featured Curtis ’50′ Cent Jackson, Paris Jackson (the daughter of the late Michael Jackson) and Sunday evening, part 1 aired of her interview with the Kardashian family. And if that’s not enough entertainment and controversy, guess who’s she’s trying to interview next? Lauryn Hill. On twitter, she responded to a followers comment, who tweeted:

I would have never thought that Lauryn Hill would appeal to Oprah’s audience.  However, Lauryn could use some of that Oprah love and attention.  And hey, if Oprah likes it, we love it!  I hope she lands that interview!


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