Over 50 Advertisers Pull Out From VH1’s Sorority Sisters



After Over 50 Advertisers snatch away there backing for VH1’s newest most controversial show it’s looking like it’s over for the program before it even got off it’s feet. Click MORE for the details

As a final effort to save the show the team decided to air an episode of all the Greek Letter ladies basically explaining themselves and why they joined the show.
Of course the sororities all hit them with a cease and desist once the show aired but I found it pretty crazy to hear that they were also getting death threats. I guess people really do take it that seriously. Even after all of that the ladies of the show have no regrets. More on this later. We’ll see how long they last with this hot button topic.


  1. This is some bull crap for advertsiser to pull out straight bull crap!!! These girls are just trying to get their paper yes they are apart of a sorority but they never worn their letters on TV…. People find any reason to create mess when there should be none.


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