P. Diddy Tied To Too Many Dead Bodies + Threatened Faith Evans To Return To Work After Biggie’s Passing

Carl thomas recently reported, the reason why he left bad boys records was because when his brother died, diddy called him a week later and asked when he was returning back to the studio cause he had some hits for him. He went on to say he was still in morning.

When biggie died diddy went back into the studio immedately to record missing you, according to faith he bullied faith evans into the studio, he actually threaten her.

The record excutive who committed suicide over a sex tape. Their was romor that diddy was one of the men involved in the scandal. One of P.Diddy’s model was found dead, I am not implying he was involve but it’s another dead body connected to him.

There are many more stories that are connected to diddy. My question is who is he connected to? Because with all the dirt he does I am certain that he would been got by now. I was listening to kay slay and he said he did not believe in karma because their are to many people in the industry who have so many dead bodies around them and nothing happens to them.

Spotted@ LipStickAlley

Wow this information is a little off putting I just hope there was a misunderstanding in all parties and that mega icon Diddy isn’t as cold as they make him appear.

13 responses to “P. Diddy Tied To Too Many Dead Bodies + Threatened Faith Evans To Return To Work After Biggie’s Passing”

  1. Harmony says:

    Here it is plain and simple…Diddy has alot of people around him and in the hip hop business, especially in a mega center such as New York people engage in high risk behaviour and activities which are bound to endanger/kill them. Just because Diddy knew their name or seen their faces a couple of times doesn’t mean he was linked to their deaths. And business is business, he surely did capitalize off of Biggie’s death and still is, maybe he was trying to invoke the passion that only losing a loved one can bring LOL…who knows…

  2. Max says:

    Good stories. Watch grammar & spelling. Example “romor”( wrong) “rumor” (correct). Try http://www.grammarcheck.net/ . Not trying to be funny. I use http://www.grammarcheck.net/ .

    Spelled wrong
    immedately (immediately)
    excutive (executive)

    faith evans ( Faith Evans)
    Carl thomas ( Thomas)

  3. michael says:

    if it looks like a snake and hisses like a snake, then you better go the opposite direction.

  4. shaaaa says:

    so my grandmother died, my friend died, and father diied. wow i’m thinking i might have something to do with it…give me a break. some people react to deat, stress differently, it could be that’s how he dealt with stress by hidding his feeling and replacing it with doing music. just becasue someon went to work the week after a tragic does not mean they not copping or dont care it could be that person react different around stress. not everyone are the same. you can have someone that cries under stresss, ignore the situation, or laugh under stress. every one different

  5. herb says:

    i believe it. remember what tupac said and more important how he got the heck outta newyork. he said back then what they tried to do to him

  6. Nikki Nicole says:

    It’s clearly that he is part of the ILLUMINATI!…..Diddy is the walking Devil…He don’t care about nobody but himself and Money!

  7. LI says:

    Diddy surrounds himself with powerful attorneys, music executives, and other powerful white men. He is untouchable because he thinks just like him. The only interest he has is his own, and any person that thinks he is going to put them on is sadly mistaken, this man is motivated by greed. He will lie, cheat, and kill for money.

  8. RAREBREED says:

    i think that like anyone else who has built an empire will do whatever it takes for it not to fail and if he has anything to do with any deaths it will come out but this man was not born into money and has worked hard to get it despite all the glamour you see all that comes with a price that alot of us is not willing to pay and i respect him and if he was the type to play games and accept BS he would not be where he is and if you had a regular 9to 5 you would not dare ask for maore than a week and he just may release his stress on music he is also a SCORPIO and money is a passion for them they gotta have it and they are not real emotional if it does not involve them at all i am married to one and they are great people once you get to know them…….

  9. shanta says:

    whats in the dark comes to the light, #ALWAYS, so what ever u do F up to someone else will always come back to you. Whether its done to u or to a person close to u. #SMH

  10. MARIE says:

    I just feel like this. The same people you miss treat on your rise to fame. Is the same people you will see when you fall. No one is untouchable! when you think that your untouchable thats when they (ILLUMINATI) will nock you down a couple steps and remind you of your place. Or they will get tired of you and get ride of you.

  11. Ynit says:

    I see Y J Lo left him, she didn’t want any part of his nonsense.

  12. schoolteacher says:

    Reading all the grammatical and spelling errors in this story… jeezus. A mind is a terrible thing to waste… don’t you have a spell check? Shouldn’t that be a prerequisite for an online news site??? STANDARDS, FreddyO… get some!

  13. slim says:

    I feel like he did do it cause of the beef that was popping off between him biggie n tupac n that biggie started to want to do his own thing n plus biggie was the 1 that made p diddy more money so yeah I feel like he had something to wit the setups of both deaths n shug fat ass did too as wel,l out of all those bullets that were fired he only got hit once wtf really up wit that come on now ppl really need to open their eye’s n stop trying to take up for that duke wearing ass man look at all the fuck shit he done n maybe still doing it remember business has no conscience so y should he have gave a damn bout killing them plus more ppl n also remember money talk

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