Paparazzi Princesses Reginae Carter and Bria Williams Host Pre-Screening of Despicable Me 2 – In Theaters NOW

Reginae Carter, Shaniah Jones and Bria Williams

reginae-briaReginae Carter -left, Shaniah Jones – middle, Bria Williams – right

Reginae Carter and her Paparazzi Princess Partner Bria Williams set it off as they got a theater full of children #TurntUp with their Surprise Appearance at the AMC Theatre on Cobb Parkway. Warner Bros put together a great Tastemaker/ Despic-A-Bash for the reggina-toya-briafamilies. With a Yellow Carpet, build your own minion station, face painting, the OMG picture Booth, games and much more (and this was before the movie). The kids went wild when Toya Wright showed up to announce the movie and introduce the Paparazzi Princesses. Several Celebrities showed up with their kids in tow. Check out the pics:

Toyawright-despicToya Wright Announcing the Movie

sharlindaParker-2quesSharlinda and Que Parker with lil Que

toya-sonToya Bush-Harris and her son (hey where is the baby?)

ashton-toyaOh I guess he brought one of his lil homies who could relate to the movie with him and not take his popcorn (you know how little brothers are)

taiboogie-nephewTai St Boogie and her Nephew! I see you

moremignonsBlue Mignons

Candace-v103Shout out to the Sponsors v103- I see you Candace

sponsorsS/O to Warner Bros for such a wonderful staff

warnerbros-despicGotta love the OMG Booth

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 6.49.52 AM

I Love this Picture Booth! I should have invented it. The FreddyO Booth?? What do you think?

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 7.11.01 AMThe homiesRollingout-JanaHicksDespicable Me 2 brought out Rolling Out’s Jana Hicks and her son. This movie must be good!

Despic1Awhh Single Moms Club

Dreamkids-warnerYou definitely can’t pay bills without sponsors – Thanks African Pride -Dream Kids

despecFamilyI bet these 3 are related

yellowCarpetThe Yellow Carpet – I love it!

toya-admiringFanMarried to Medicine’s Bravo Network’s Reality Star “Toya Bush-Harris” and an admiring fan of the show

AshtonLook like someone is all ready to go to the Yellow Carpet

Despicableme2-picDespicable Me In Theaters Now starting July 3rd – Please support and take a friend



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