Paris Hilton Suing Over Book’s Racism Claim



Paris Hilton, a socialite who is infamous for living it up with media moguls such as LBC’s native, Snoop Dogg, Diddy, Luda and 50 Cent, is taking legal action against an author whose book suggests she is a racist. Earlier this week the everyone was incredulous and disappointed to find out that Paris Hilton Hated black men, this being so surprising because every time we see her out partying, she is with our people. I mean duh who wouldn’t be, black people are infamous for throwing the best parties and having a good time.

Just to remind you of the alleged harsh remarks:

“I can’t stand Black guys. I would never touch one. It’s gross,” she’s quoted as saying in Neil Strauss’ new book “Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead.”


The book describes some exclusive exchanges with Paris and where she pleasantly made out with an actor in the dark, but when the lights flipped on, she realized he was Black. That was when she shut him down.

But Paris is outraged by the accusations:

“These allegations are absolutely untrue and ridiculous. We have sent these claims to Miss Hilton’s lawyers to respond further. It’s another example of someone making false claims for financial gain,” reads a statement from her rep.


Sources also reveal that this isn’t the first time she been accused of hating Black men and her relationship with ended with Brandon Davis back in 2008 because she allegedly used the N-word too much.

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  1. I think she may have used the “N” word with Nicole, and this led to the end of their friendship. Few people would admit, pubicly, to being racist; hence klansmen wear sheets to hide who they are.

  2. Of course she is, she is just doing this to make a point trying to make us believe that she is not racist. If she does nothing, then people will start to suspect even more that what is said of her being racist is true.

  3. It is annoying that after all these years that there are still some evil people who have nothing better to do but to keep figuring out how to attack and demean Ms. Paris Hilton. Hey Princess Paris, please keep on being you and doing what you do. You are a first class American Princess with millions of fans globally and there is nothing negative anyone anywhere in the world can say or do to change that. We love you the way you are. We wish you more success, good health, long life and happiness. Stay strong and may the Power and the Force continue to be with you baby.

  4. IDK if Paris is racist underneath it all or not, but if I was her I would DENY DENY DENY! This type of incident can really throw some negative publicity her way. I do think that if she was really racist it would have surfaced before now and I don’t think she would be as cool with as many black people as she is. She don’t want no problems with us we gave her a N**** pass. She can keep it for now.

  5. @MAYCHIC haha you are so brainwashed. American Princess? she has no talent! and everybody knows if you dont have talent you have to sell sex. She is worthless! how sad our society looks up to her. She contributes nothing positively. and yes shes a racist theres footage out there of her commenting on blacks…she is so busted. Now she has to save face and be seen with black celebrities. Shes fake and she needs to take her drop out ass back to school. Yeah, what a princess!

  6. she is Without o dout a Racist!! what about the when she was caught on video on vacation using the N-word!! i was Shock it didnt make HEAdlines! i think it should be talked about again an Load!!


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