Paul Wall Beats A Fan With The Microphone



(9/29/2010) Rappers are losing it with crazy fans. Paul Wall went ham on a in San Antonio, Texas when he was performing on stage with rapper Slim Thug … when some delusional in the front row threw a middle finger in Paul’s face.
Paul can be seen exchanging a few words with the guy right before the rapper winds up and beats him several times with his mic. The “birdman” was tossed out — and no police report has been filed. Anyhow, click here to see the videoAnother post by: Courtney L.


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  2. The guy that made that comment about beating the mess out of someone else please ..god is about love my brother not hate .would god say hey will will die today no.because he made you .but hating someone else will kill you spiritral .god so love the world that he gave his only begotten son so who ever believe on him will no peris but have eternal life.john 3:16 god love you so please turn away from your sins. jfitz


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