Peachtree TV is changing the face of reality tv – Who is Jacques Johnson?

Who Is Jacques Johnson
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Jacques Johnson is not only your “not so typical rapper” but is the youngest executive producer of his reality docu series set to air on Peachtree TV October 9th, at 3 p.m. Johnson’s squad/support team will show you why Atlanta is the new Hollywood. Check out the trailer after the break

Jacques Johnson is definitely a versatile superstar in the making who has opened up shows for many notable celebrities such as TI, Tech N9ne, Migos, Mindless Behavior, DMX and more; his musical talent is the defining key that brings all things full circle. Receiving accolades from the late “Prince” for the work on his album Jerusalem, he accredits everything to hard work and determination to keep rising to the highest plateau. His quiet persona may put you in the mindset of an eccentric artist but Jacques Johnson is a beast when it comes to his stage performance. Dubbed a natural lyricist, label execs speak of him as a cross between Drake and Kanye West. He’s entertaining to every genre of music fans and has entire families, music lovers, and fans nationally cheering him on in awe of his on stage delivery.

You will see all the ups and downs and attempts of everyone in his circle to push his career forward while not loosing site of who they really are. Jacques Johnson plays the viola, raps and writes about his world, loving life, growth, money, love, jealousy and world issues. The charisma and talent of this teen helped him become the first indie artist to get an endorsement deal to promote headphones and Walmart store promotions.

Meet the cast: Brialise Belcher who is a beautiful model and actress who has been cast in several major movies. Brialise considers herself Jacques’ closest friend but their friendship is questionable to some; Zach McGee who is brings the party wherever they go, loves cars, money and women (all women and all races); Bryan Guiterrez who is a sexy Mexican producer with a voice to match and he is definitely the more business minded of the group; Kia Carson who is a gorgeous track star who decided to give up running to model and not everyone is pleased with her decision. Nick Harford who is working with Jacques Johnson and has been his friend since elementary school and feels the rest of the squad skates around supporting the movement. Nick is the comedian of the bunch but is working on becoming a financial advisor and tries to help the team start taking things more serious. Kayla Johnson a soft spoken pretty southern belle who’s also Nick’s girlfriend that keep the peace within the squad.

Prepare yourself to be entertained following the journey of Jacques Johnson and his loyal crew. Expect cameos from Yung Joc, Super bowl Champion Anthony Smith, Kandi Burress Tucker, TI and Lil Boosie. This reality docu-series will reveal the raw truth of what goes on behind the scenes when an indie artist is focused to make it to the top. With no smoke and mirrors you will get a glimpse of the real stories behind the making of a young indie artist. The show will cover everything from Johnson’s interaction with fans, family, record labels to dealing with the craziness, the rejections, the tears, the music, other celebrities and more.

The best part of all is Jacques Johnson’s squad’s loyalty to set their own personal lives aside when needed and jump in to help Jacques reach his dreams. The show will air on Peachtree TV October 9, 2016 at 3:00 p.m.. There will also be a worldwide app launched. Check out the Trailer

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