PETA Fights To Stop Mike Tyson’s New Animal Planet Reality Show Featuring Pigeon Racing



PETA is concerned over Mike Tyson’s upcoming Animal Planet reality show, Taking on Tyson. It would chronicle Tyson’s quest to become a champion pigeon racer. According to Animal Planet, Tyson loves birds, and has been raising them his whole life. But PETA says pigeon racing is cruel, and profiting from it by making it into a reality show might break New York’s anti-gambling laws.

PETA president Ingrid Newkirk told New York Daily News “Animal Planet needs more programs like Whale Wars and Animal Cops, in which people go to bat for animals, and fewer programs that showcase cruelty and profiteering at animals’ expense.”

But an Animal Planet spokesperson said there would be no betting on the races. Still, according to PETA, paying Tyson to appear on the show could be in breach of current law. While PETA may have a case, it doesn’t look like Animal Planet will slow down production on the program.

What yall think?


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