PETA Puts Dead Bodies On The Streets Of NYC



NYC sure got an eyeful this week (July 28), when PETA pulled another one of their ridiculous stunts in Times Square. This time around models and mannequins were covered in fake blood, wrapped in saran wrap, and left on the sidewalk. Real classy PETA…

I hate to ride Ed Lover, but PETA…C’mon SON! It’s never this serious. The US is in multiple wars, folks are jobless, and instead of making a fuss about that which matters, PETA wants to tell us once again that MEAT IS MURDER. I’m a vegetarian, but this makes me want to eat a burger for the hell of it…get a life PETA! Now would this really cause you to stop eating meat?? Click Here To See More Pic’s..


  1. Umm…NO. Im going to still eat meat don’t eat humans, I eat chicken. THis campaign was a wase of time.

  2. meat is murder??!!! so does dat mean i’m eating humanbeing??!!!

    this is MAN’S words NOT GOD’s…where does it say in the bible that were not supposed to eat meat as long you Thanked God and as long the animal was not being sacrifice to the devil then we are good to go. I don’t listen to the world the only Mighty and Powerful WORD I listen to is GOD and HE spoke to us through the bible.

  3. Lion’s eat meat. I don’t hear PETA complaining about them…so why do I have to be a vegetarian when nature has clearly intended me to be an omnivore? Look at our teeth! They were made to eat meat as well as leaves. I seriously hate PETA, why not give all that money they get to some poor hungry children instead of to animals that should be on my plate.

  4. I could go for some human. They say the ass is the sweetest part, but yum, I’m all for lots of ribs. Yummy yummy I’ll fit you into my tummy. 🙂
    Besides, isn’t this ilegal? Selling your body out on the sidewalk. Haha silly PETA prostitutes.


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