Phaedra And Apollo Living Separately?




Is it curtains for Apollo and Phaedra’s relationship? That’s what the streets is saying. 

Y’all know its going down over at casa da Nida [or is it Parks? hmmmm]. Anyway, Radar online is reporting the gossip. As you know we are keeping a healthy distance from the story. So Phaedra save your phone call. It aint us.

From Radar Online, has learned that the Real Housewives of Atlanta couple have actually been living separate lives for weeks — and haven’t been photographed together since last November!

Instead of standing by her man’s side as he prepares for the next round of his trial in March, Parks has chosen to launch a book tour for her advice guide Secrets of a Southern Belle – even though it was released more than three months ago.

Meanwhile, her husband Nida made a trip of his own to South Carolina, where he was spotted partying with other women at a local nightclub on Valentine’s Day.


  1. they have the stamina to make it thru this. they love each other and have a beautiful family together. with GOD they can beat this. just another stumbling block. you guys keep your heads up and trust in GOD. it ain’t the end of the world. this to shall pass.

  2. I feel sorry for their children. Beyond that I really don’t have sympathy for the two of them. Apollo has been to prison for doing the same thing before. There are lots of fingers pointing at Phaedra and it seems unlikely to many (including me) that she is not in some way involved or, at the very least, is not aware of what her husband has been involved in. As an ID theft victim I hope all involved go to prison.

  3. I been saw this company in my perspective Apollo seems as if he was falling out of love with Phadrea because of the money he was generating with the Alledge fraud case he is currently involved in . I dont think Phadre knew of his dealing she have several jobs and a babies to attend to and she is personally doing her own thing nobody have to time to run up behind anyone else even though they are married. I do belive Apollo told her a elaborate story about this made up job to keep her from worrying about him in the long run he is an crook artist and know how ot screem. Now that Apollo have been caught she still have to make money for her kids ,businesses and possibly help pay for his court fees that he accumalated. Phadrea love that man and if he is living her its not of her faught its of his might. Apollo aint use to nothing and when to married people like that and bring them into famous life to fast they fall as fast as they come.


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