Phaedra Parks Shares Her Tips During The “Secrets of the Southern Belle” Book Signing


DSC_1692Our girl Phaedra Parks has decided to share a few much needed tips with the world about how to behave like a Southern Belle.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta star recently sat down for a “Secrets of the Southern Belle” book signing at Sugar Loaf Mills BooksAMillion in Duluth, Ga. See as a Southern Belle, she has displayed a few rules that will help you understand the true meaning of being a Southern Belle. Her First Rule is to BE PREPARED: “Southern Belles are like Eagles Scouts with vaginas.”


“Also, BE VERY NICE and BE LADIES: “Being a lady is much different than being a woman. It takes a special person to be a lady.” As the night went on, our audience enjoyed flipping throughout the book and picking out their own “Phaedra Secrets”.


The Fourth Rule is to WORK HARD: “Southern Belles’ always believe in having a good work ethic.” Now we all know that Phaedra is one of the most hard working women in the game; from being an attorney to a mortician, to having an exercise video and being a mother of two handsome boys. Her Fifth Rule of the night was ALWAYS EXPECT THE BEST and through all of Phaedra’s ups and downs; she has displayed just that.

Finally, Phaedra tells us to GIVE YOUR BEST, whatever you believe in doing-DO AND DO IT!!!


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