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Pharrel Promotes Qream Liqueur In Miami

Pharrel has already promoted his new Qream Liqueur in Los Angeles and New York, and now last night, Miami. Of course several celebrities were there to aid him in the success of his new business venture. Q-Tip was the dj for the night while big names such as Trina and Fat Joe (who has lost a significant amount of weight if you haven’t noticed) partied it up.

Rapper Trina holds up two bottles of the Qream Liqueur that comes in two flavors, Strawberry and Peach. It’s the perfect drink for the fit celeb diva. It’s low in calories and almost lactose free.

R&B artist Cherlise and Fat Joe kick at the party too. Notice Fat Joe though. He’s slimming down, don’t ya think?  Check out Q-Tip below looking  like royalty in the oversized chair that matches Pharrel’s Queen themed party.

Pharrel is a hustler for sure. Check out more pics from the Qream Liqueur party below:

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