Photographer Sues Mike Tyson For $24 Million


mike tyson

(10/19/2010) Antonio Echavarria, a photographer  claims Tyson attacked him, punched him with a closed left fist, and broke his camera. Really?  Echavarria also claims he suffered a concussion and strain to his spinal cord.   He’s asking for $25 million in damages. Click to see the court docs. Let me guess 5 millz for injuries and 20 millz for mental stress? Clearly, if he gets 25 million. I am going to stand ontop of a building and slip  20 stories and you know that will never happen! – Another post by Courtney Luv

Source: TMZ


  1. why the hell would you even try to irritate someone who could give an elephant a concusion? stupid photographer….leave him on the concrete and let him think about what he just did.

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  3. man fuck the dude tryna get rich off of what he worked for ol punk ass nigga talkin bout spinal chord inury


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