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PHOTOS: ATL ‘Finesse’ Screening, SHOCKING SHOOTING After Premiere


Last night was epic as we all came together to check out the advance screening of Curtis Al Nuke’s FINESSE. The movie screening was star-studded as some of Atlanta’s hottest stars came out to enjoy the movie and a night out on the town. But due to some ghetto people not knowing how to act; a night out on the town turned into a tragic shooting that left two people injured.

Check out the details below.


Atlanta police are investigating a shooting inside a movie theater in the city’s Midtown neighborhood that left two people hospitalized in stable condition. The screening for ‘FINESSE’ was going so well until this incident. Finesse is about “TJ” a character that’s a combination of Dolomite and the two cats in “Janky Promoters”. In the film “FINESSE” he’s an entrepreneur of his own entertainment company “TJ Entertainment” in this hilarious parody of a film.


Cameos by Trinidad James, DJ Scream, MIGOS, OJ the Juice man will have you in stitches. Producer Zaytoven is star of the film as he has made his mark as one of the top producers in hip-hop. He has produced hits for Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy and Usher amongst others. The Atlanta-based producer originally from the Bay area of California is now branching out and starring in his new film.

Atlanta police spokesman John Chafee said in an email that a group of people were attending a movie release party at the Midtown Art Cinema Tuesday night and an argument led to gunfire.


Chafee says an off-duty officer working at the theater heard the gunshots. A woman was shot in her leg and a man was shot in his buttocks. Chafee says no arrests have been made.

The shooting at about 10:30 p.m. came hours after an announcement that another Atlanta theater would show “The Interview,” a political satire film on North Korea that prompted backlash and a cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment. Midtown is not screening that film.

The night was epic until this incident. Check out the photos below.

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