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PHOTOS: Atlanta 2014 Bronner Brothers Hair Show!

DSC_6792Atlanta Bronner Brothers Hair Show 2014 kicked off today at the Omni Hotel for the Bloggers Brunch in the Upscale Magazine Lounge hosted by the homies over at S.T.E.P.S. Event Planning Firm, Inc. and Mr. Bernard Bronner. The Bloggers Brunch included details about the Bronner Brothers Hair Show Weekend an a great opportunity to mix and mingle with Atlanta’s hottest media outlets and personalities.


Bronner Brothers Exhibition Hall was awesome and some of my favorite celebrity friends were there to connect with their fans and promote the best in hair care products and services.


Check out the details below.

The first day of the Bronner Brothers Hair Show was full of excitement and fun. I had the opportunity to float around the massive exhibition hall and see all kinds of creative hair styles, ingenious products for stylists and consumers alike. I also got the chance to connect with some of my favorite people as they connected with their loving fans. I want you all to come out and support the Bronner Brothers Hair Show.


My Top List of Who to Visit During Bronner Brothers 2014 HAIR SHOW:


Be sure to come check out my home girl Shekinah Jo and her amazing edge control hair care products along with her “I Work Hard” t-shirt apparel.

Be sure to come check out the homie Dr. Curves stations. He’s the doctor that worked with Shekinah. He is a terrific doctor!

DSC_6788Be sure to check out my girl Pop of Junk she has all of the hot apparel for the POP GIRLS!

DSC_6921Be sure to check out the homies over at Hairfinity my girl Toya Wright and Reginae Carter was there promoting the beauty of their hair vitamins and Toya’s new weave line.


Be sure to check out my girl Trina Braxton and her new line of weaves. She is getting her HUSTLE on in 2014!

Be sure to check out my homies over at V-103. They are broadcasting live with Atlanta’s hottest radio personalities.


Be sure to check out my friends over at Beautiful Textures as they promote the Naturally Straight Product Line. A great product for the ladies who like to wear their hair curly and straight!


Be sure to check out the homie Derek J as he work the KISS stage; showcasing hair styles, celebrities, and giving advice.


Be sure to support the Bronner Brothers Hair Show!
Check out my photos below.

DSC_6753 DSC_6754 DSC_6757 DSC_6758
DSC_6763 DSC_6766 DSC_6767 DSC_6770 DSC_6773 DSC_6775 DSC_6776 DSC_6780 DSC_6781 DSC_6782 DSC_6785 DSC_6786
DSC_6789 DSC_6790
DSC_6793 DSC_6796 DSC_6798 DSC_6799 DSC_6802 DSC_6805 DSC_6809 DSC_6811 DSC_6813 DSC_6814

DSC_6856 DSC_6857 DSC_6858
DSC_6865 DSC_6867 DSC_6869 DSC_6871
DSC_6878 DSC_6881 DSC_6882 DSC_6885 DSC_6888 DSC_6889 DSC_6891 DSC_6893 DSC_6895 DSC_6897 DSC_6899 DSC_6900 DSC_6901 DSC_6906 DSC_6910 DSC_6912 DSC_6913 DSC_6916 DSC_6917
DSC_6925 DSC_6927 DSC_6929 DSC_6931 DSC_6932 DSC_6933 DSC_6934 DSC_6935 DSC_6936 DSC_6937 DSC_6938 DSC_6941 DSC_6942 DSC_6945
DSC_6950 DSC_6953 DSC_6954
DSC_6958 DSC_6960 DSC_6962 DSC_6963 DSC_6964 DSC_6967 DSC_6969 DSC_6970

DSC_6820 DSC_6821
DSC_6823 DSC_6826 DSC_6831 DSC_6833 DSC_6835 DSC_6837DSC_6845 DSC_6847 DSC_6850

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