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PHOTOS: Atlanta Exes Celebrates Season 1 Finale at Bougalou Lounge!


The lovely lades of VH1’s Atlanta Exes celebrated their season finale and a night on the town with the girl at Atlanta’s Bougalou Lounge. The ladies have so much to celebrate which includes finding their own unique voices, having fun, and one even got a man in her life.

Check out the details below.

VH1’s Atlanta Exes ended their first season with an explosive BANG. I had the opportunity to kick it with the ladies as they enjoyed the season finale, enjoyed a ladies night out, and reflect on their new path in life. Last night’s episode shows the continuing beef between Sheree Buchanan and Tamika Foster RaymondTorrei Hart confronts Monica the friend who seems to always be in the mix of drama. Monyetta Shaw decides to redecorate and remove the portraits of her ex-fiance and she that adorn her bedroom wall. Christina Johnson decides to start a new relationship with the gentlemen Sheree introduced her to earlier in the season. It’s amazing to see the ladies shine in the respective lanes.

As far as my thoughts about Atlanta Exes this is what I have to say:


I’m so happy that Christina Johnson (Cee Lo’s Ex) is giving love a chance. I was happy to see her booed up with her new man at the season finale watch party.


I’m so happy that the world can see the cool side of Tameka Foster Raymond. My girl had the time of her life partying and she’s finally getting to happy. She gets a bad rap in the media but I hope the world can see the nice lady that I know and LOVE!


I’m so happy that my girl Monyetta Shaw is letting loose and enjoying life and having FUN. Mama needs a life too Monyetta! Get it girl!


I’m so happy that Sheree Buchanan is finding her way to happy and she’s getting there.


I love love how the ladies of Atlanta Exes have a real relationship. The ladies enjoyed their big night by eating good, drinking good, and having the time of their lives at Bougalou. Shout out to Bougalou Lounge one of the dopest spots in the ATL.

Check out the details below.

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