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PHOTOS: Behind the Scenes of TI & Tiny’s “The Last Harris Family Baby Shower”


I had the privilege of being the official photographer for TI and Tiny’s “The Last Harris Family Baby Shower” held over the weekend. The posh event was executed by celebrity event planner Tamara Whitaker of The Bella Organization.



Le Fais Do Do was the perfect backdrop for the whimsical baby shower fit for a little princess. Tamara and her team of baby shower “elves” created a magnificent event that is the talk of Atlanta.

Check out the makings of “The Last Harris Baby Shower” after the break.


Power couple T.I. and Tameka “Tiny” Harris are ecstatic about the upcoming birthday of their baby girl coming to the ROYAL Kingdom very very soon. The royal couple commissioned their official event planner and niece Tamara Whitaker the owner and head event planner of The Bella Organization to put together a royal spectacle fit for their little princess.


Tamara has worked on the concept of the whimsical baby shower for months and could not wait to put the vision to life. When Tiny found out she was having a little girl she knew she wanted to go ultra girly in decor, style, and have a grand affair to celebrate with close family and friends. Tamara took Tiny’s ideas and added a little fairy dust to create a night to remember.


Tamara took great pride and detail to pull together Atlanta’s dopest vendors that included a posh cake castle, a candy land buffet with goodies that ranged from bubble gums to decadent candies. There was a sorbet machine, pastries of all varieties. Guests enjoyed live music from a dope band that performed during the cocktail hour. There was an onsite cartoonist rendering drawings for guests waiting for the doors to open.


Once the party started, guests were able to enjoy good food by Atlanta’s top chefs and an open bar. We partied, mingled, and even played “baby shower” games that included great prizes like GAS CARDS. The night was truly magical as we all helped the Harris family celebrate the LAST HARRIS BABY.



We spent the day with Tamara and her team watching them recreate Le Fais Do Do‘s open canvas to a magnificent little girl’s dream land full of pink, frills, and fun. Learn more about Tamara by visiting @TheBellaOrg on Instagram.

Congrats to TIP & Tiny on their last baby!!!!!!!!!

Check out the makings of the epic baby shower below.

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