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PHOTOS: Bianca Fairchild Spotted at PoplifeATL Day Party With Special Guests, Mimi Faust & Nikko Smith


I had the opportunity capture photos of LA Socialite and philanthropist Bianca Fairchild who was spotted in the ATL at PoplifeATL Day party. Poplife is Atlanta’s biggest summer day party hanging with friends and her publicist Christal Jordan (Enchanted Branding & PR). At the party I also spotted my homies Mimi Faust & Nikko Smith before their sex tape was leaked for the world to see.


Check out the photos below.


The homie Bianca had an amazing time at PoplifeATL Day party. She got a chance to kick it with the homies Mimi Faust and her man Nikko Smith. Bianca tells us that she really likes Mimi after hanging out with her but her ex Stevie J is her favorite character from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.


Bianca also got a chance to kick it with the big homie NFL’er Takeo Spikes. Word on the street my girl has a thing for athletes. When asked about her romantic connections to Blake Griffin and Cam Newton, Bianca denied dating either athlete but said she is a huge fan of Cam Newton. We wonder how big of a fan she is? I guess time will tell!


My girl Bianca is known for her lavish spending habits and didn’t disappoint ordering 10 plus bottles including Ace of Spades and Belvedere and a plush assortment of seafood and hookah.



In addition to living the fabulous life with Bianca I can’t help but reflect on my girl Mimi. We got a chance to kick it with Mimi and Nikko before their big sex tape release.
 Mimi said she was ok. But I could tell she has alot on her mind. Even at this event looking back at the photos I know there is so much going on with her. Let’s keep my girl in prayer.
Check out the great time we had hanging with my girl Bianca Fairchild at PoplifeATL Day Party below.

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