PHOTOS : Bronner Bros International Hair Show – Mid Summer 2013



Bronner Brothers Hair Show 2013 was EPIC! Atlanta had the hottest women and the hottest hairstyles. I had the opportunity to hang out with some of my favorite people including Toya Wright and Reginae Carter, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost,  Porshe Stewart, Shay Johnson, and my God Mother Jaime Foster Brown. Check out the details after the break!

The bad weather did not stop the thousands of people who came into town to party and get their hair on this weekend at the 2013 Bronner Brothers Hair Show. The Georgia World Congress Center was a oasis of hair, hair products, vendors,a and people getting their hustle on. The bi-annual Bronner Brothers Hairshow was amazing as a photographer I love taking interesting pictures and let’s just say the MOST INTERESTING people and styles come out to the Bronner Brothers Hairshow each year. Stylists showed off their most epic designs let’s just say COLOR and REMY is here to stay!

The Bronner Brothers 66th Annual Hair Show – is the largest hair show in the world.

Take a look at it through my lens.

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