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[PHOTOS] Celebs Come Out To Yeezus Show In Atlanta : Monica, 2 Chainz, Bow Wow, Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne & More


DSC_2712The Yeezus Show is undoubtedly one of the best concerts I have seen in a while.  It met all of my expectations.  Kanye had all of his celeb friends in the house to support.  And he made sure he gave them a show that they would remember forever! I’m so thankful for my people tonight!   With out her I would be nothing and I am so thankful for her just thinking of me!  She knows who she is!!!


This one photo made the night and everything I have been working for worth while.  Kim Kardashian’s post baby body was DEVINE!!  She was at the Atlanta show in full support of her fiance Kanye just as she has been at all the other Yeezus shows!  She was really beautiful.


The homie Bow Wow came out to check out the Yeezus show.  Word on the street is that he was in the city at a popular night club spending some serious money!  B.o.B. was at the Yeezus show as well.  Don’t forget his Underground Luxury album comes out December 17th.


I saw the homie Weezy at the Yeezus show in Atlanta too.  He’s been chilling with his fam hard lately and that’s so cool.  Also in the house was super producer Mike Will Made It, Shannon Brown, Jermaine Dupri, and T.I. was there with the Grand Hustle Family.  Kanye showed so much love to his protege Cyhi the Prince.  He made sure the crowd shouted his name.  Check all the backstage photos below!

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