PHOTOS: Charlie Wilson Concert PACKS Out Chastain Park


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The big homie Charlie Wilson packs out Chastain Park and leave Atlanta wanting and begging for more.

Check out the details after the break.


Nothing like a good night of music in the A. The big homie Charlie Wilson gave a spectacular show at Chastain Park on Friday evening. After experiencing Charlie Wilson during the BET MUSIC AWARDS I could not wait to attend his live performance in Atlanta. I had the pleasure of snapping pictures and enjoying the wonderful sounds of the ORIGINAL R&B crooner Mr. Charlie Wilson (OH WEE!).


It’s amazing to witness the resilience of Mr. Charlie LAST NAME Wilson; he has overcome many obstacles including substance abuse, homeliness, losing everything, gaining everything and recently surviving prostate cancer. No matter what comes his way Charlie Wilson figures out a way to overcome and WIN (Oh Wee!).


Mr. Wilson recently appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with the Kanye West and the two shared bars on “Bound 2” on Yeezus. The performance was totally inspiring including The Roots and a Children Choir. Gotta love The infusion of HIP HOP, GOSPEL, the Musicianship of The Roots, and classic R&B (OH WEE!)

At 60 years old Charlie Wilson shows us all that it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf. It’s never too late to reach goals and make new dreams. It was an awesome time watching Mr. Wilson sing live and I tell you it’s something you must all do one day!

Check out my photos below.

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What’s your favorite Charlie Wilson song?

What’s your favorite GAP BAND song?

Tell us about it by leaving a comment below.

Special thanks to Charlie Wilson for an awesome time!


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