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PHOTOS: Chris Brown Stars in the Celebrity Basketball Game at LudaDay Weekend!


Ludacris celebrated the 10th Anniversary of his annual LudaDay Weekend.

Chris Brown had Atlanta on fire last night at the 10th Annual LudaDay Weekend. The pop star took Atlanta by storm when he made his grand appearance at the epic basketball game.


The venue at Georgia State University arena. It was so packed that people who purchased tickets couldn’t even get it. The Fire Marshall was trying to shut the basketball game because it was over capacity. People were chattering around the building about Chris Brown and comparing him to Michael Jackson. The venue was packed to capacity. I honestly think they will be having it at Phillips Arena next year. People were mobbing to get to Chris Brown and Ludacris.

Words can’t describe how crunk the celebrity basketball game was this year. I can go on and on and on about the celebrity guests, the celebrity ballers, and the City of Atlanta coming out to show love to Ludacris, The Ludacris Foundation, and giving back to the ATL.

Check out the images shot by The Bomb Images on behalf of FreddyO below.

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