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Yesterday we got the chance to catch up with the homie Keshia Knight Pulliam the newest ambassador for Hairfinity. Keshia caught us up on her new gig with Brock Beauty, her thoughts on wellness, beauty, and her upcoming projects.

Check it out below.


The beautiful Keshia Knight Pulliam is the latest face for Harifinity. Hairfinity is an awesome hair vitamin for people looking to strengthen their hair, skin, and nails. Keshia was gracious enough to sit down with us and tell us her thoughts about Hairfinity and what’s going on in her fast paced life.

Check out our interview with Keshia below:

FreddyO: Hey Keshia! Will you be attending homecoming this year?

Keshia: Yeah it’s the same time this year. I will most definitely be there!

Question 1: What are your thoughts on Hairfinity? We received a 2 month sample and I would love to hear feedback on how it worked in your hair.


Keshia: It was very important for me to represent a product that I would actually use. I only work with products that I like and can tell people to use with confidence. I would never suggest anything to my family, friends, and fans that I did not feel 100% about. Yes, I am going into my second month of using Hairfinity and I really like it. I research products before I use it and my friend Toya spoke highly of the product. So I decided to give it a try. I noticed how quickly my hair began to react. My hair felt thicker. There was a change in the health of my hair it stopped shedding as much and it began to grow. I take vitamins; shop at Whole Foods, I am all about organic and what I like most about the product is how it promotes beauty from the inside out and that’s the model how I lead my life. Understand what you put into your temple is what you get out of it. I definitely believe there is a synergy between Hairfinity and myself. It made sense. It’s authentic to who I am and it works.  People noticed the difference before I did. It looks different after using Hairfinity. So many people take the pills for length but remember ladies growing hair is healthy hair!

Question 2: How do you maintain your work out regimen and your hair? You have the best head of hair around and we know you work out. Give us some tips.


Keshia: It is so funny you should ask that. It cracks me up! I won’t lie I sweat in my head first when I work out. Working out is not an option. The results are worth it. I want women to know if your body is unhealthy nobody is looking at your hair. I hate to tell you! On top of that you won’t be around very long either. It’s very simple. But if it’s hard try mapping out your workouts around hair. Do a beautiful natural texture that showcase your natural texture. We try to fight our natural texture that don’t work with curls and kinks. Learn how to do your hair in the style you like. Plan your work outs around your hair. Pick your days strategic and make a committment to workouts. Mix up your workouts because you don’t have to kill your hair to be active. Little things can help you get your physical activity in.

Question 3: What projects do you have in the works?

Keshia: I have the A-List Experience. It’s a charity website that I do outside of my non-profit. It’s a company that sells fans the experience of having up close and personal access with their favorite celebrities. The celebrities that we partner with has to agree to give a percentage of the proceeds to charity. It can be their own charity or a charity that they have interest in. We did one with Kevin Hart during the Essence Festival and he donated a percentage of his proceeds to the The National Cancer Society in memory of his mother who died of Ovarian Cancer. I hosted a pamper party for ladies in Atlanta and the proceeds went to my foundation Camp Kizzy. We did one with K.Michelle during Grammy time in LA and it was a wonderful day party for some of her fans to come out and meet her. It’s really great and we are working on 2014 schedule and looking forward to working with some really great celebrities. Partying with a purpose is what it’s all about.

Question 4: You spoke about your foundation. Tell us more about Kamp Kizzy.


Keshia: It’s called Kamp Kizzy. It’s all about empowering self-esteem in girls. We do a myriad of things throughout the year. Our big project is the camp we host during the summer. The previous 2 years have been hosted at Spelman College this year we hosted it at Clark Atlanta University. It was really exciting. The girls absolutely loved it. It’s a great experience for them. I have an amazing event for September 25, 2013 with Whole Foods in Buckhead. I love Whole Foods. My family laughs at me for my flower child ways. Whole Foods have partnered with Kamp Kizzy in the past helping the girls with nutrition and being healthy. On the 25th Whole Foods in Buckhead with donate 5%of it’s net profit to Kamp Kizzy. They are going to write a check in that amount to Kamp Kizzy. You gotta eat. You might as well eat healthy! Come on down and support a great cause Kamp Kizzy! I will be there on the 25th too. It’s going to be great and I am thankful to Whole Foods for supporting us in so many different ways. When you donate to Kamp Kizzy realize it’s a labor of love. I am there with my girls and I love working with my girls. I developed the workshops that they do. Every dime goes back to the girls. We are paying it forward. We are making an indelible print on our girls.

Question 5: How did you survive Hollywood as a child star.

Keshia: Look at your friends who grew up with you. Some are doing well. Others are not. I feel we are all individuals. We all have different life paths. I can only speak on my experience. I can’t speak on anybody elses experience. It is a very adult industry. I have been blessed to have a wonderful family and support network. The key is acting is what I do not who I am. I never felt that my worth was tied up with what I do or my projects. I have been in this business since I was nine months old. People feel like they know me but they know my characters. I have an inner drive. I learn from people on what not to do. I feel we as a group are stereotyped but people are people. You are a sum of the decisions you make. That’s that.

As you can see we had an awesome interview with my girl Keshia.

Check out our photos below:

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