PHOTOS : Faith Evans Takes Over Tempted 2 Touch Las Vegas Sin City Weekend!



The beautiful Faith Evans performed for Tempted 2 Touch Welcome to Vegs Party at Bally’s Casino last night. The evening was epic as the singer helped usher in the 8th year of Tempted 2 Touch Las Vegas Sin City Weekend; the biggest and dopest Black Pride event on the West coast.


Check out the details below.


Over the weekend I was flown to Las Vegas to cover one of the dopest events on the West Coast. The promoters had to have one of the hottest photographers in the country to cover the event and FreddyO was their only choice. The first event of the weekend was powered by the beautiful Faith Evans who performed for Tempted 2 Touch Welcome to Las Vegas Party.


The party was held at the lavish Bally’s Casino. Everything was dope from the food to the drinks to the songstress doing her thing on stage. Tempted 2 Touch Weekend is the brainchild of Mexican Joe a dynamic businessman who’s all about balancing business and pleasure. Mexican Joe is celebrating the 8th year of Tempted 2 Touch Las Vegas Sin City Weekend.


We spent the night partying at Bally’s Casino and enjoying the sights in Las Vegas as we enjoyed Mexican Joe’s party bus. It was A FANTASTIC WAY TO KICK OFF MY WEEKEND IN VEGAS.

If you live in Vegas be sure to check out the events that’s taking place this weekend.

Today’s there’s the Presidential Day Party at The Palms Place Hotel hosted by the lovely Erica Mena

Tonight’s there’s the Main Event at the Silver Nugget Casino hosted by the lovely ladies LeToya Luckett, Trina, Tweet, and Teyana Taylor.

The after party is at the Palms Place VIP Rooftop Suite hosted by Jack Mizhrahi/Devine Channel.

Tomorrow’s Day Party will be held at the Hoover Dam and it’s hosted by TS Madison.

The finale party will be the all Black Party at the Havana Room hosted by the sensational Fantasia.

As you can see it’s going to be an epic weekend. Be sure to check back for all of my photos of the Tempted 2 Touch Las Vegas Sin City Weekend. Special thanks to Mexican Joe and Traxx Girls for the opportunity!

Check out the fun I had last night in the images below.

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