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PHOTOS: Frank Ski Celebrates Birthday with Celebrity Friends Stevie Wonder, Devyne Stephens, Algebra, Tigger and More!


The big homie Frank Ski celebrated his birthday with style and panache. Atlanta came out to celebrate with Frank and show their love for the man who devoted so much time and energy into making Atlanta a better place. I had the privilege to capture his big birthday party that was full of celebrity sightings, good food, fun, and music.

Check out the details below.


My mentor Frank Ski had an epic birthday party over the weekend and he celebrated in great style. The homie was shown so much love as Atlanta came out to his exclusive Frank Ski’s Restaurant to party the night away with him.

First things first Frank Ski celebrated his birthday with THE STEVIE WONDER who just recently celebrated his 64th birthday. It was an amazing sight to see Stevie Wonder serenade Frank Ski at his birthday party. It was truly a moving experience.


The lovely Algebra was in attendance to show Frank some birthday love. Algebra is Frank’s favorite singer and she performed her hot single “Nobody But You” as the guests smiled and swayed to the beat of the music.


The homie music producer Devyne Stephens was in the houst to celebrate with Frank on his birthday. Devyne Stephens is doing some big things including working on R. Kelly’s forthcoming album. The big homie Devyne Stephens is definitely making moves.


The homie Tigger of V-103 came out to show Frank Ski some birthday love. My homie Tigger got some great things in the works.


Also in attendance was the big homie James Harden  of the Houston Rockets showing Frank some birthday love.


I also got a chance to catch up with my homie television executive Ryan Glover as he wished Frank Ski a very happy birthday.


The party was so much fun; one of the best birthday parties I have attended in quite a while. Frank is doing great things at his  new gig at Washington D.C.’s urban AC station WHUR-FM 96.3. Frank is putting Washington D.C. on that Atlanta flavor of entertainment, fun, community, and activism.


Shoutout to Frank Ski for always making big moves!

Check out the fun we had below.


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