Photos From Tupac’s Sex Tape Leak!


We told you yesterday how there’s been a bidding frenzy for Tupac’s sex tape (click here for that story). Well today, TMZ has leaked pictures of the legendary rapper in the video that has yet to be bought by anyone. Check inside for some of the explicit pictures!

This picture clearly shows Pac sitting on a couch with a young lady directly in front of him. It’s obvious what’s going down here. My only question is, where were they that they didn’t mind doing this in front of people? Was this in the studio?

Looks like Pac had him a drink on hand so I would venture to guess that it had been a wild night. Now that these pictures have leaked out, I wonder if potential buyers will hike up their bids. Only time will tell on that issue. The real question is…how will these pictures affect the foundations that Tupac’s name is affiliated with? I’m just waiting on Mrs. Afeni Shakur to comment on this situation.

What do you think of the leaked pictures of Tupac’s sex tape?

Spotted @TMZ



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