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PHOTOS: Future Gives Free BET Hip Hop Awards 2015 Concert!

DSC_3209The homie Rapper Future gave an epic surprise concert at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park to kick off the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards that’s taking place in Atlanta this weekend. The intimate affair was epicly done in the center of the city and a way to let Atlanta and the rest of the world know that the BET Hip Hop Awards is here and it’s time to get our party on!


Check out the details below.


BET hosted a live taping of Future‘s 2015 private concert held in Atlanta’s Centennial Park. The private concert was a perfect backdrop to kick off the epic BET HIP HOP Awards 2015 that’s going to be hosted by Snoop. Fans of all ages showed their love and appreciation for Future as he performed his biggest hits and welcomed everyone to the ATL.

No worries if you missed the concert because BET taped it and you will be able to check out the footage on


Future is making futuristic moves by making new music and adding a movie to his impressive resume of accomplishments.


The show was well attended including Future’s biggest fans, industry taste makers including Chaka Zulu and Stephen Hill.


I love this time of the year because BET knows how to throw a good party! Check out the images below.

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