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PHOTOS: Future Hosts Private “Honest” Album Listening Party!


The big homie Future hosted a private listening party for his forthcoming album “Honest”. The listening party hosted at Halo Lounge in the very heart of Buckhead was a wonderful event powered by the homies over at Epic Records. I had the chance to kick it with some of my favorite celebrity friends and listen to “Honest” which is full of head bangers.


Check out the details below.


Epic Records rolled out the royal treatment at Future’s “Honest” Album Listening Party. The private event was full of industry insiders and celebrities. We all mingled around the club enjoying food, drinks, and hookahs.


The homie Future was very happy to host the party. He continuously thanked the audience for coming out to support his release party and for supporting his music. Honest is Future’s sophomore album the big homie made a big splash in the game with the premiere of his first album “Pluto” debuted at number eight on the U.S. Billboard 200 and sold 41,000 copies in its first week. As of February 3, 2013 the album had sold over 271,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.


Atlanta came out to show the big homie tons of love and support on his forthcoming album. Some of everybody was in the house including:

My girls Tiny, Shekinah, and Ebony Steele were in the house.

My girl Nivea was in the house.

My girl Shay Johnson was in the house.

The big homies DJ Cannon, DJ Trauma, DJ Infamous, and all of the Affiliates were in the house.

I even spotted Mama Future in the house supporting her son.

The only person missing from the festivities was my girl Ciara who is at home taking care of herself and getting ready for the couple’s baby boy. I am so excited for my girl Ciara and the big homie Future on their baby boy.

Check out the great fun I had below.

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Be sure to save 4/22/14 as the date to support the big homie Future and his forthcoming album “Honest”. I had a great time connecting with friends and enjoying the good music.

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