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PHOTOS: Gocha Hosts @WeTV Meet and Greet with #SWVReunited & #CuttingitintheATL Cast Members


I finally got the chance to see my girl Gocha‘s new posh salon in Atlanta’s Midtown. The Gocha Salon is cute and fashionable just like the lovely master hairstylist turned reality star. The salon is decorated with every piece of hair equipment making it a  modern oasis for women who are all about maintaining their beauty and looking fly.


Gocha’s new salon was the perfect back drop for the weTV’s Meet and Greet involving Leanne “Lelee” Lyons of SWV Reunited and Cutting it in the ATL‘s Beautii J, Maja Sly, and LaKenya Morris moderated by Ray Cunningham.


Check out the details below.


I had the opportunity to stop by Gocha’s new salon at her first Meet and Greet powered by weTV spotlighting members of the cast of SWV Reunited and Cutting It in the ATL. The event was part of the star-studded Atlanta Pride roster of activities; Gocha was surrounded by her staff, colleagues, friends, and family including her boo Dice Dixon to showcase your new salon and have an open conversation about the beauty industry and reality tv.


The hair stylists who are dynamic business women turned reality stars talked candidly about their successes and their trials working as their own bosses. It was fun to see the chemistry between the ladies that characters are just as charming and turnt like they are on tv.

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I learned some cool facts including:


1. LeLee  got her first weave in the 90’s and it costed her $800.00. She still experiences sticker shock thinking about that. She shared that SWV came up during a time when women wore their own hair and they were all about maintaining their wraps and sleek bobs.


2. LaKenya Morris owns a boutique in the Piedmont Park area of Atlanta and she can’t wait for fans to see her evolution as a business woman in the hair care industry.


3. Maja an astute business woman before jumping into the hair care industry was a finance major who worked in business, real estate, and accounting. She shared with everyone that she got into the hair extension business because she was sick of Atlanta ladies walking around with TACKY hair.


4. Beautii J is open about her experience in raising her son as a single mother; she uses her son as her focus to win in business and be a success. She says that she has no problem helping her ex even putting $5.00 on his books when he was on lock down.



5. Gocha loves the dynamics that she brought to LA Hair a cast full of creatives who are open about their lives and enjoy doing hair. Gocha hinted at the possibility of her being open to more opportunities as it relates to reality tv. Can you guys picture an ATL Hair surrounding her new salon in Midtown?

As you can see I had a great time and i invite you to check out the photos below.

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