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[PHOTOS] Grand Hustle & KBD Present HUSTLE & FLOW Hosted By Trinidad James

DSC_1533Hustle and Flow was packed last night at Club Opera in Atlanta!  Trinidad James  came through and showed the crowd some love!  Independent artist filled the spot and showcase their talent for Atlanta’s top Music Industry Execs like Clay form Grand Hustle and Rico Brooks from Adella Thomas Management.

DSC_1545Que was a featured performer at Hustle and Flow last night.  His hit single “O.G. Bobby Johnson” is shutting down clubs and parties all of over Atlanta.  Shout out to one of his managers, Rico, pictured on the left.

DSC_1538Migos manager and Music Industry Exec Coach K (pictured on the left) stopped through Hustle and Flow last night as well to check out the talent.


Music Manager and Industry Exec B Rich was also at Hustle and Flow last night checking out talent.  B.o.B.’s Underground Luxury hits stores December 17!!!  Check out all the photos from Hustle and Flow below!!  Last night was truly epic!


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