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Photos: Greg Street Hosts his annual 2015 “Sneaker Friends” Event at Phillips Arena !


Yours truly Greg Street is back again to host Sneaker Friends 2015. Hip hop legends, professional Athletes, and many other celebs were definitely in the building…

Sneaker Friends is all about selling and trading the hottest and most exclusive sneakers and street wear and has been the most talked about event for years.

Greg Street’s Sneaker Friends 2015 featured autographed kicks by some of your favorite celebrities like Big Sean, Raekwon, and 2 Chainz, with sounds provided by JustBlaze.

As one of the most recognizable voices in radio and the man behind the phrase “Its 6 o’clock, its 6 o’clock, time for Greg Street to Rock,” Greg Street is the true voice of the people. Having rocked the airwaves in Mississippi, Alabama, Houston, Dallas, and currently holding it down in Atlanta at V-103 all over a 20 year span, Street has definitely positioned himself as the music gateway to the South.

Greg Street has been recognized as a philanthropist due to his multiple community outreach programs that involves the youth via team sports and education. i had a chance to capture the most amazing legends who discovered some of your favorite rap legends! Check out photos from this epic event courtesy of Briana Crudup !



DJ Just Blaze


Premium Pete ( The Combat Jack Show)


Clark Kent (DJ/Producer)


Cyhi the Prince


Jason Jeter


Mr. Rick Caffey


Justin Durant- Atlanta Falcons- L   Eugene Brooks- V-103 Management-R

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