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PHOTOS: Jamie Foxx Hosts Private Listening Party for Forthcoming Album ‘Hollywood’ in Atlanta



RCA hosted an incredible night full of music powered by Jaime Foxx‘s forthcoming album ‘Hollywood‘. This is the fifth album for the Grammy and Oscar winner. The night was truly electric as taste makers and influential music professionals got the chance to experience Jamie Foxx live and in living color.

Check out the details below.

I had so much fun last night at RCA’s private listening party for Jamie Foxx’s fifth album ‘Hollywood’. Atlanta’s Glen Hotel was the perfect backdrop for the listening session. Jamie Foxx invited his former radio show co-host the beautiful Claudia Jordan of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show and Real Housewives of Atlanta to celebrate the night with him and interact with the industry leaders and select fans.


Jamie Foxx is the ultimate artist. He sung live. He played on the piano live. He danced with all of the ladies as his new album ‘Hollywood’ played as the soundtrack of the evening. Jamie Foxx was so dope; he made a point to thank his fans continuously for helping him to succeed on film, television, radio, and in music. The guests went wild as Jamie Foxx worked the room and shared bits of his life in the form of ‘Hollywood’.

The evening was truly great for Jamie; his career has spanned all of the genres of popular culture. I believe this is the definition of WINNING!

Check out the images below.

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