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PHOTOS : Kandi Koated Night Interviews – Lil Scrappy & MeMpHiTz

Kandi Koated Nights was definitely on 10! Especially with the topic being “Do you have a bitter ex that won’t go away?” Who would be more than appropriate to have on the show thank, Lil Scrappy and Mickey “MeMpHiTz” Wright on the show who BOTH have industry ex’s and storylines behind the breakups that have made FRONT PAGE HEADLINE and radio news. WOW! Check out the show and you be the jury.

Ok so all was good in “Love and Hip Hop” with Lil Scrappy revealing secret tips given to him from “Momma D” about what to do when a woman is hitting a man and he is just sitting there defenseless.

“MeMpHiTz” was very respectful in his explanation of what was rumored to happen between him and an artist  “Lies Travel fast!” said “MeMpHiTz”. Check out the video! The show got hotter when Mamma Dee stepped in the place and seems like “Scrappy‘s talk about sex simmered down just a tad bit” but he was definitely not afraid to express What his interest was in coming to Kandi Koated Nites. He definitely wanted to talk about $#%&! Watch the video.

The show ended on a great note w/Closing words from “Vawn” . “Whatever you do tonight, please reach out and tell someone you love them”. He started a nonprofit called U.G.L.Y. Understand God Loves You. Lastly, Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson closed out the show w/a performance of “SHE RACHET!” The Original Song….. check out the Video please.

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