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PHOTOS: KeKe Wyatt’s Celebrity Fan Appreciation Party


Atlanta’s R&B Diva KeKe Wyatt threw an amazing Fan Appreication Party last night at 200 Peachtree. Surrounded by her cast mates of R&B Divas, celebrity friends, and Atlanta fans KeKe Wyatt did her thing. The lovely songbird has a new EP coming to a store near you.  DSC_8727

KeKe showcased her music to a packed house of adoring fans and family.  KeKe Wyatt has a voice that makes you want scream Holleajuah while thanking GOD for the sound of real music.

Check out the details below.


Great music could be heard up and down Peachtree Street last night thanks to the lovely KeKe Wyatt. My home girl rocked the entire 200 Peachtree event facility with her amazing voice, her spectacular background singers, and her jamming band. The R&B Diva held a live recorded fan appreciation party that was nearly standing room only. 200 Peachtree was fit for a DIVA with its beautiful ambiance in a spacious ballroom type setting showcasing beautiful oversize crystal chandeliers that hung brilliantly over the crowd of fans and celebrity friends that included Syleena Johnson, Angie Stone, Monifah, and new R&B Diva Meelah formerly of 702. The Divas all looked beautiful. But we expect this from DIVAS!


Everything was magnificent but the night belonged to KeKe Wyatt as she entered the room filled with anticipation at approximately 9:40 PM. KeKe was escorted by husband/manager Micheal and Glam Squad.


KeKe Wyatt presentation was worth the two-hour delay. She looked beautiful as she hit the stage immediate after Egypt Sherrod’s introduction at 9:59 PM. As a true artist she took a moment to thank her fans, family, and close friends for their unwavering support. KeKe even had a little fun with a rowdy guest who screamed “Sing KeKe SING!”.


KeKe delivered nothing short of vocal expertise from her forthcoming cd. KeKe’s angelic sounds placed the audience under arrest as she sang through her sex y red lip covered in stunning black dress accentuated with a print shoe. She didn’t let the slick bang interrupt her performance as she kept tossing it back out of view. KeKe has some amazing new music coming to us in 2014. She showed love to her band and gave each of her background singers a chance to shine before the energetic crowd. I tell you I felt like I went to church last night the only thing was missing was an AMEN and a collection plate!


It was an amazing evening of fine music and celebrity fun. Keke Wyatt is a natural and that voice is amazing. Thanks KeKe for appreciating your fans last with that amazing concert because we most definitely appreciate you! Check out who came through to support KeKe Wyatt’s Fan Appreciation Party below:

The Big Homie The DJ Aone was in the house!

The homie celebrity stylist Derek J was there to lend support!

Lovely songstress Dondria was in the house!

The lovely Mimi Faust lending Support!

R&B Diva Syleena Johnson looking fabulous in RED!

R&B Diva Monifah looking effortlessly fly in BLACK!

Juicy from the Rickey Smiley Morning Show

The homie Kaleena was in the house!

The lovely Demetria McKinney showing support!

The big homies were in the house!

Reigndrop Lopes was in the house.

The homies Da Brat and Derek J!

KeKe Wyatt and her Family!

Monifah rocking the first issue of FreddyO Magazine. Get your copy today!

KeKe and the Brat!

The homies Bobby V & Carl Payne supporting KeKe!

The big homie Greg of Nancy’s Pizza!

KeKe and the big HOMIE FREDDYO!

Check out the rest below! DSC_8221DSC_8224 DSC_8229DSC_8234 DSC_8249 DSC_8250 DSC_8252 DSC_8256 DSC_8259 DSC_8260 DSC_8264 DSC_8265 DSC_8266DSC_8274 DSC_8278 DSC_8282 DSC_8285 DSC_8291 DSC_8294 DSC_8295 DSC_8299 DSC_8301 DSC_8303 DSC_8305 DSC_8308 DSC_8309 DSC_8312 DSC_8313 DSC_8316 DSC_8317 DSC_8320DSC_8213

DSC_8324 DSC_8325 DSC_8328 DSC_8332 DSC_8333 DSC_8340 DSC_8342 DSC_8345 DSC_8347 DSC_8349 DSC_8353 DSC_8359 DSC_8360 DSC_8362 DSC_8363 DSC_8364 DSC_8366 DSC_8370 DSC_8371 DSC_8375 DSC_8382 DSC_8385 DSC_8386 DSC_8389 DSC_8390 DSC_8395  DSC_8403 DSC_8406 DSC_8408 DSC_8410 DSC_8411 DSC_8415 DSC_8416 DSC_8420 DSC_8424 DSC_8427 DSC_8428 DSC_8430 DSC_8431 DSC_8436 DSC_8440 DSC_8443 DSC_8444 DSC_8451 DSC_8452 DSC_8455 DSC_8463 DSC_8464 DSC_8467 DSC_8475 DSC_8479 DSC_8480 DSC_8483 DSC_8488 DSC_8492 DSC_8496 DSC_8500 DSC_8504 DSC_8512 DSC_8516 DSC_8519 DSC_8520 DSC_8523 DSC_8525 DSC_8528 DSC_8532 DSC_8534 DSC_8536 DSC_8539 DSC_8543 DSC_8547 DSC_8551 DSC_8559 DSC_8563 DSC_8573 DSC_8577 DSC_8581 DSC_8582 DSC_8587 DSC_8597 DSC_8601 DSC_8604 DSC_8610 DSC_8611 DSC_8615 DSC_8616 DSC_8621 DSC_8624 DSC_8634 DSC_8636 DSC_8644 DSC_8648 DSC_8652 DSC_8654 DSC_8656 DSC_8657 DSC_8660 DSC_8662 DSC_8664 DSC_8669 DSC_8691 DSC_8692 DSC_8695 DSC_8699DSC_8708 DSC_8712 DSC_8715 DSC_8719 DSC_8720 DSC_8723 DSC_8727 DSC_8731 DSC_8732 DSC_8736 DSC_8737 DSC_8740 DSC_8741 DSC_8744 DSC_8747 DSC_8749 DSC_8753 DSC_8754 DSC_8757 DSC_8758 DSC_8762 DSC_8763 DSC_8768 DSC_8769 DSC_8771 DSC_8776 DSC_8777 DSC_8778  DSC_8781

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