PHOTOS: Keri Hilson & OMG Girlz Supports Pretty Girls Sweat



Over the weekend Keri Hilson and the OMG Girlz lent their celebrity to an awesome cause called Pretty Girls Sweat. Pretty Girls Sweat is a national organization championing and inspiring young women to get their groove on while being healthy. Keri Hilson and OMG Girlz are definitely pretty girls who love to get their sweat on.

Check out the details below.


Grammy nominated artist and lover of fitness Keri Hilson lent her celebrity to host Atlanta’s Pretty Girls Sweat Full-Course Fitness Challenge with more than 200 girls at the Andrew & Walter Young Family YWCA in South West Atlanta.


 Keri Hilson was full of surprises when she invited special guests the OMG Girlz to help showcase the prettiness of being physically fit. The ladies are busy working on upcoming music projects but took time of their busy schedules to help champion an awesome organization called Pretty Girls Sweat.

Pretty Girls Sweat creates an important dialogue and an uplifting connection between teenaged girls (ages 13-19), professional women and some of the biggest names in entertainment that centers on self-love, body image, health, nutrition and building self-esteem.


Aeshia DeVore Branch, Pretty Girls Sweat and Teen Diaries founder had the following to say about the big weekend,

“By creating a fun atmosphere on the YMCA basketball court, Pretty Girls Sweat will make the girls less intimidated about moving their bodies. An upbeat and comfortable setting will stimulate candid discussion among PGS mentors and attendees. Our hope is to have a ripple effect inspiring teen girls to consider working out and making healthy lifestyle choices by the cumulative efforts of all parties involved and the power of social media.”

I had the time of my life connecting with the youth and other influential Atliens as we talked about ways of incorporating fun into our daily fitness regimen. The girls were taught a series of physical activities designed to encourage fun with fitness. There were surprise guests including my girls Tiffany Evans and Bo Talley who participated in the Beginners Basketball Work Out, Double Dutch Aerobics, Sweat Makes Sense Challenge and Jumping Jacks Challenge. Old fashion fun is a great way to get a work out in.


For more information, visit to support its mission to end child obesity and empower teen girls.

Check it out below:

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