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PHOTOS: Keysha Cole, Karlie Redd, and More Spotted at Garb Boutique!


My girl Toya Wright had everybody flocking to her New Orleans based Garb Boutique. The lovely business owner held amazing pop up shops, book signings, and shopping experiences in celebration of the 2014 NBA All-STAR Weekend. I spotted the lovely Keshya Cole with friends at the posh Garb Boutique. I also caught Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Karlie Redd doing a little shopping and socializing. Garb Boutique had it on and popping this holiday weekend.


Yes, I consider the NBA ALL-STAR Weekend as a holiday. Check out the details below.


The homies Keysha Cole and Karlie Redd were spotted getting their shop on and their support of Garb Boutique on. Toya Wright was doing her thing by throwing amazing events that not only satisfied the fans enjoying all of the 2014 NBA ALL-STAR Weekend festivities but had the celebrities coming out in droves.


The lovely Atlanta ladies decided to support Toya Wright’s New Orleans based Garb Boutique. Keysha Cole has some amazing projects in the work and it was great seeing her out and about. My girl Karlie Redd is in the midst of filming Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and I tell you this season is going to be EXPLOSIVE.


In addition to Keshya Cole and Karlie Redd being in the spot so many of my good friends including the homie Brittney over at Pop of Junk were spotted at Garb Boutique.

DSC_5065Special thanks to the homies over at Garb Boutique for creating an amazing experience this weekend. If you are in New Orleans be sure to check them out!

Check out the pictures below.


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