PHOTOS: King & Major Harris Host Destinee Billings SuperSweet 13th Birthday Bash



Destinee Billings had a fun filled Super Sweet 13th Birthday Party hosted by The Family Hustle’s own’s King Harris and Major Harris. Imagine having a dope birthday party to kick off being a teenagaer and you will get the picture of Destinee’s huge birthday bash.


I had the opportunity to capture images of the fun filled day! Check out the images after the break.


Destinee Billings celebrated her SuperSweet 13th Birthday Bash at  Sweet Diva L’amour. The teenager had her party at one of the dope spots for young ladies to chill with their families and friends. She celebrated with her close family and friends and class mates from Woodland Middle & Dutchtown Middle.


The birthday girl had a celebrity filled good time by having Trouble Kyd King Harris and the Young Scholar Major Harris host her big 13th Birthday Party!


Destinee wanted to shout out all her close friends including: King, Major, Amauri, Khonner, Kaydee, Kerrington, Teirra, Jada, Lauren, Keira, Shamara & Chelyse.

The 13th birthday party was powered by entertainment by an array of dope artists from Peach State!


The event was powered by peeps near and dear to the birthday girl including:  M.Ledesma(Gran), Danielle, Rodney, Precious, Harry, Afemo, LIZ, Adonis, Cheri, Meka, Shawn, Keith, Licia, Gabriel, John, Janice, Janet, George, Tahyeed, Amy, Reggie, Gordon, Brenda, Nicole & Trissia.

Check out the dope birthday party in the images below.

dsc_1412 dsc_1415 dsc_1416 dsc_1418 dsc_1419 dsc_1424 dsc_1427 dsc_1428 dsc_1429 dsc_1430 dsc_1431 dsc_1432 dsc_1435 dsc_1437 dsc_1438 dsc_1439 dsc_1443 dsc_1444 dsc_1446 dsc_1447 dsc_1449 dsc_1450 dsc_1451 dsc_1452 dsc_1455 dsc_1458 dsc_1459 dsc_1461 dsc_1463 dsc_1468 dsc_1470 dsc_1471 dsc_1472 dsc_1474 dsc_1481 dsc_1483 dsc_1484 dsc_1485 dsc_1486 dsc_1487 dsc_1493 dsc_1494 dsc_1495 dsc_1498 dsc_1499 dsc_1502 dsc_1504 dsc_1505 dsc_1506 dsc_1507 dsc_1509 dsc_1513 dsc_1514 dsc_1515 dsc_1518 dsc_1522 dsc_1523 dsc_1524 dsc_1528 dsc_1529 dsc_1539 dsc_1540 dsc_1541 dsc_1542 dsc_1543 dsc_1545 dsc_1546 dsc_1548 dsc_1550 dsc_1551 dsc_1552 dsc_1553 dsc_1554 dsc_1555 dsc_1556 dsc_1559 dsc_1560 dsc_1566 dsc_1574 dsc_1575 dsc_1590 dsc_1595 dsc_1600 dsc_1601 dsc_1605 dsc_1606 dsc_1612 dsc_1614 dsc_1615 dsc_1619 dsc_1620 dsc_1624 dsc_1628 dsc_1629 dsc_1630 dsc_1631 dsc_1633 dsc_1634 dsc_1635 dsc_1636 dsc_1637 dsc_1643 dsc_1645 dsc_1646 dsc_1651 dsc_1654 dsc_1656 dsc_1657 dsc_1659 dsc_1663 dsc_1668 dsc_1670 dsc_1671 dsc_1672 dsc_1674 dsc_1677 dsc_1681 dsc_1682 dsc_1685 dsc_1686 dsc_1691 dsc_1692 dsc_1693 dsc_1695 dsc_1697 dsc_1700 dsc_1702 dsc_1706 dsc_1707 dsc_1713 dsc_1716 dsc_1717 dsc_1725 dsc_1727 dsc_1728 dsc_1731 dsc_1732 dsc_1735 dsc_1740


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