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PHOTOS: KJ Celebrates 17th Birthday at Scales Restaurant with Celebrity Friends Reginae Carter, Toya Wright, Karlie Redd & More!


The homie KJ celebrated his big 17th birthday party last night at Atlanta’s Scales Restaurant with celebrity friends Reginae Carter, Toya Wright, Karlie Redd, and the event was powered by his mom event planning and mastermind extraordinaire Ms. Erica Bowen.

The highly upscale Scales Restaurant was transformed into a fun party venue full of KJ’s closest friends, good food, music, and fun. I remember being 17 and it’s truly one of the best times in a young man’s life. KJ was surrounded by friends and had a dope time.

Check out the details after the break.


I had the opportunity to celebrate with my brother KJ at his big 17th birthday party. KJ invited his closest friends out to enjoy good food and music at Atlanta’s upscale Scales Restaurant. The party was full of fun as the young people got their grub and party on.


Reginae Carter was there to celebrate her best friend who was all smiles for the camera.

The party was hosted by my home girl Erica Bowen and she made sure to invite her girls Toya Wright and Karlie Redd out to help balance the youthfulness and add a little adult fun to the party atmosphere. Erica Bowen is a dope manager and event planner; it was great catching up with her at the event.


I also had the opportunity to chat with my girl Toya Wright to hear all about her new novel that’s making moves on the best sellers list.


I also got the chance to see my girl the lovely Karlie Redd who’s ready for the world to see her on the upcoming season of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta“.

The birthday party was a great time. Happy Birthday KJ!

Check out the photos below.

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