PHOTOS: Lena Huggs’ Fairy Tale Bridal Shower in the ATL



My girl Lena Huggs has a lot to celebrate these days and one of the biggest moments was her HUGE bridal shower that took place in the ATL. The lovely┬ábride to be of R&B singer RL formerly of NEXT had a wonderful bridal shower at Atlanta’s My Fair Sweets. The bride was surrounded by her closest friends: Kandi Burruss, Toya Wright, Monyetta Shaw, Chanita Foster, Gocha, Sheree Whitfield, and so many more.


Check out the details after the break.


The beautiful Lena Huggs was radiant as she greeted close friends and family at her bridal shower. The event was all about the sweet side of love and life. The bridal shower was hosted at one of my favorite bakeries: My Fair Sweets. Guests enjoyed delicious food, great drinks, wonderful desserts, and friendship.

Lena Huggs and RL have a fairy tale romance that’s finally leading the happy couple down the aisle. We are so happy for our girl Lena and I couldn’t help but share some of the images from her bridal shower with you all.


At the end of the shower RL surprised his soon to be bride with a new ride. RELATIONSHIP GOALS!!!!!!!

Check out the images below.

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