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PHOTOS: #LHHA Mimi Faust & Nikko Spotted at Aurum and Premiere’s Hot Sex On a Shower Rod!


The homies Mimi Faust and Nikko makes their first appearance since leaking their scandalous sex tape. The couple was all smiles as they basked in the light of LOVE, HARDCORE SEX, and REALITY TV!

Check out the details below.

My girl Mimi Faust and her man Nikko are off the freaking CHAIN. The couple have been laying low since the release of their surprising HARDCORE SEX TAPE video was leaked for the world to see. The couple was spotted holding hands and partying at Atlanta’s hot spot Aurum Lounge in the heart of Midtown. They partied the night away and shared some very cool details about their new lives as SEX STARS.


Surrounded by friends from LOVE & HIP HOP Atlanta Karlie Redd and Ariane Davis supported the couple on their first appearance out in public. In addition to partying the night away the couple released Nikko’s new single which involves a detail discussion of how the couple HAVE HOT SEX ON THEIR SHOWER ROD.  The song is destined to be a cult classic along with their sexy shower video.



After partying the night away the couple is heading to California to work on some major deals with Vivid Entertainment. They getting ready to make that money. Since the internet explosive response to their scandalous sex tape could they be fishing for more opportunities in the adult entertainment arena? I foresee a line of Mimi Faust Shower rods with matching shower curtains in her near future.


Details about the tape; after careful research of the footage (I reviewed it a couple of times) and my blogger snooping I discovered there are actually two tapes of the couple enjoying shower time. The first video was a little plain no heels, makeup, and/or sexy hair. In that video Mimi has the round a way girl thing going for her.  The second video is the glamorous porn star  which includes full face, hair, and the infamous shower rod. Go head Mimi I see you girl!

It seems like the couple is really taking this business venture in strides. I really don’t think they have revolutionized the way people see sex, grown women, and shower rods. Everybody is going to be shower rodding thanks to Mimi and Nikko.


Could this be one of the freakiest sex tapes ever made? I guess TIME WILL TELL!

Check out the fun we had below.

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