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PHOTOS : Lil Mo, Elle Varner,& More Spotted at the 2015 CIAA Tournament


I am having the time of my life partying and covering the 2015 CIAA Tournament. All of the biggest stars and sports enthusiast have come to Charlotte to cheer on their favorite teams and get their party on.

Check out the details below.

All of the colleges and universities are doing their thing this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina. for the biggest sports tournament in basketball. The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association better known as the (CIAA) is a collegiate athletic conference, mostly consisting of historically black colleges and universities. CIAA institutions are affiliated at the Division II level of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Fans comes of all ages including your eighty-six year old grand parents to the cute babies rocking onsies are out cheering on their favorite basketball teams and repping their college of choice. As a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, I am cheering my panthers on to victory. The weekend is full of excitement and some of our favorite stars are out supporting the weekend.


I spotted by girl Lil Mo hosting the TV One booth. She told me that she’s working on her new album and that she’s crazy in love. The love of her life was there to support his  R&B Diva and enjoy the fun.


I also spotted Brandon Broady who was promoting his new show for BET “The Xperiment“. This show is sure to be dope its being compared to “Talk Soup” and it’s sure to bring the controversy and good conversation. Poor Karrauche; I wonder if that whole Beyonce comment prevented her from being on this show.


R&B Singer Elle Varner rocked the Coke Zero stage and had the crowd begging for a refill.


The first day of the CIAA was truly inspiring. After all of the glitz and glam it’s truly about supporting education and athletes. The event has some really big sponsors including AARP, TV One, Toyota, McDonald’s who also donated $25,000 in scholarship money, Coke Zero, the U.S. Marines, and the basketball courts were sponsored by Lowes and Coolers Lite.

Check out the fun I had in the images below.

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