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PHOTOS : Lil Wayne & Toya Wright Throw Daughter Reginae Carter a Super Sweet 16 Party


Reginae Carter blew Atlanta away last night by Celebrating her sweet 16 in atlanta with family, friends and celebrities. Reginae Parents Toya Wright, Memphitz Wright and Lil Wayne threw Reginae a lavish exclusive party with all the bells and whistles. Many Celebrities came out to celebrate on this special day with Reginae. Celebrities in attendance included but were not limited to TI and Tiny, Fantasia, Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker, Baby, Quad Webb-Lunceford, Kim Porter, Jacob Latimore, Kim Porter and more. Lil Wayne and Toya Wright definitely took co-parenting to another level which showed their true love for their daughter !

Her parents also surprised her with a special guest appearance and performance by Nicki Minaj as well as 2 brand new cars, a Ferrari GTO … AND a BMW !







The Surprise performance and birthday wishes from Nicki Minaj was definitely epic ! The mega superstar Nicki Minaj embraced the crowd with an exclusive happy birthday shout out to Reginae Carter which was beyond memorable !

To end the Night, Celebrities were gifted with Exclusive Eyewear from Givenchy, Chopard and Police provided by De Rigo Vision and Tiffany Williams of Eye Candy Creations.

Check out all the glamor and glitz from the ultimate star studded winter white sweet sixteen birthday party from your boy Freddyo !



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