PHOTOS – Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, Joseline Hernandez Grabs Stevie J Di*K : Mimi Faust Tell All Interview


Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez decided to play by her own rules not  giving a f**k about yall haters! GlobalGrind reports the new reality star is causing a huge ruckus on and off the show with her feisty attitude. Due to Joseline’s love affair with music producer Stevie J, the Spanish firecracker has been receiving A LOT of hate.

Stevie was in a twelve year long relationship with his baby mama Mimi Faust while he was “working” with Joseline. Joseline has recently put up pics of the duo, and she’s spotted very close and personal to Stevie, even grabbing his manhood.

The singer went on a Twitter rampage to show that she doesn’t care what anyone says; she’s gonna do whatever she damn well pleases!

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust is unsure of her future with producer Stevie J. So lost about them three ???



What she is sure of however, is the fact that she was not with him when he was dating other women.



Clearing up rumors about their relationship, Faust says they have been together “off and on” for fifteen years.



“I want to clear this up. I’ve known him for fifteen years. We have dated off and on. I have not been with Stevie straight for fifteen years,” Faust said in an interview Wednesday. “I was absolutely not with Stevie when he was with Eve. I wasn’t with Stevie when he was with Alex, Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter. I was not with Stevie when he was in any other relationship.”

As seen on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, so far, Faust has been struggling to maintain her relationship with the father of her child only to deal with Joseline, his artist and “close friend.” According to Faust, she and Stevie have only been back together for three and a half years and this show is allowing her to believe it has all been a waste.

People what do yall think is really going on?


  1. Mimi know everything there is to know about Stevie J. People keep trying to tell her to drop him, but why should she. She knew what she was getting involved with when she got with Stevie J. People fail to realize she been with him off and on for fifteen years. She also knew he was sexing her up. Stevie J has strong feelings for Joseline and he is not going to walk away from her. Plus I like like Joseline she comes off as being straight up. She tells you right out where she comes from and how she is trying to change her lifestyle. I even like Stevie J. He shows the real side of a deceitful man. He lies through his teeth denie, denie, and denie. I can relate to these charaters. My exboyfriend was just like him. You see him kissing a woman and loving her up face to face and he would smile look you staight in the face and say That wasn’t me. So bottom line Mimi don’t want to leave Stevie J because she loves him and the benefits that comes along with the relationship. She also know he is not going to leave Joseline alone either.


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