PHOTOS: Ludacris Hosts Private Listening Party for Forthcoming Album ‘Ludaversial’


Ludacris hosted a private listening party for DJs, rappers and media at Atlanta’s Means Street Studios where he and longtime manager, Chaka Zulu celebrated the forthcoming studio album, ‘Ludaversal’, on Tuesday.

Chcek out the details below.

Ludacris is making big moves in life and in music; the rapper hosted an epic listening party for his upcoming studio album Ludaversal alongside manager Chaka Zulu. In attendance was the usual suspects DJs Drama, Common, Sense, Infamous, Swamp Izzo, Ace, Hot 97’s PD Hurricane Dave, and producers Drumma Boy and Big K.R.I.T. as well as rap group Two Nine surrouned by Atlanta’s biggest bloggers, reporters and music industry professionals eager to preview tracks from the upcoming release.

Ludacris was an hour late because he had to put his baby girl to bed. Ludacris made it evident that he’s all about family these days. Ludacris promises to his fans that he will never go no more than five years without putting an album out. Family and Music is Ludacris’s top prioritiy these days.

Ludaversal features Usher, Big K.R.I.T. and productions by Mike Will Made It, Da Internz and Mel & Mus, the album has been a labor of love for about two years and it’s NICE!

The album’s latest single, “Call Ya Bluff,” a crowd favorite, was released Tuesday online. Check it out below:

Shout out to Luda, Chaka Zulu, Kadife and all the good people over at DEF JAM for a great event and I can’t wait to get my copy of ‘Ludaversal’. If you are an artist looking for an opportunity DTP is looking for hot new talent. Check them out for further details.

Check out the photos below.

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