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PHOTOS : ‘Married to Medicine’ Cast Mentor Young Women at Heavenly’s Angels Seminar

DSC_7970On Saturday in Atlanta, author/dentist/tv personality Dr. Heavenly and the Dr. Heavenly Kimes Foundation hosted its quarterly “Heavenly’s Angels” seminar, a mentoring session that educates young women on health, relationships, finance and self-esteem. Led by Dr. Heavenly…


Married to Medicine” cast members Dr. Jackie Walters, Lisa Nicole Cloud, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Toya Bush-Harris and newcomer Jill Conners, the theme of the discussion was “You Can Have It All!” Attendees enjoyed a series of presentations on contraception and sexual health, education, conflict resolution, and dealing with infidelity. Additionally, Dr. Heavenly’s daughter Alaura Kimes gave a short speech on kindness.


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