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PHOTOS : “Married to Medicine’ Star Lisa Nicole Cloud Hosts WEN Women’s Empowerment Brunch


Married to Medicine star Lisa Nicole Cloud hosted her very first WEN Women’s Empowerment Brunch during the 2015 Essence Music Festival. Lisa Nicole arranged several speakers to come out and discuss topics ranging from wellness, wealth building, merging success with happiness, and the power of active networking. The luncheon was held at Apres Lounge in New Orleans and guests enjoyed a nice brunch and candid conversation with Lisa Nicole.


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Bravo’s Married to Medicine‘s star Lisa Nicole Cloud recently put on an epic brunch to help the ladies channel their inner girl power. Lisa Nicole is a very successful entrepreneur who seems to have it all a great career, a nice family, money, and success but despite all that she’s a real woman dealing with real issues. The mogul was very candid about her challenges while addressing guests at her luncheon. Lisa Nicole addressed issues surrounding her cast mates on Married to Medicine. Lisa Nicole shared,

“I am so not about the drama. I want people who watch Married to Medicine to know that I am about empowering and inspiring women to achieve their goals and be their best. I have always strive to be a woman who is all about positivity and connecting with women who feel the same. Unfortunately I let one of the cast members get me out of my character. But I want people to know that certain things like my children and husband should be off limits. I am all about building and being a success but I don’t tolerate disrespect and I just want the world to know my take on that! “

The WEN Women’s Empowerment Brunch was amazingly positive and full of like minded women who came together to hear from women like Jewel Tankard, Dr. Debra Morton, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Claudia Jordan, Patricia Boswell, Monique Rodriguez, Delores Pressley, and Kimberly Hariston.

Check out the details below.

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