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PHOTOS: “Match Made in Heaven”/WE tv Screening

                                                      Shawn Bullard

(ATLANTA) January 30, 2015 – Last night, WE tv hosted a screening in Atlanta of their new series “Match Made in Heaven,” starring millionaire bachelor Shawn Bullard.

A number of press, VIPs and WE tv talent gathered at TWELVE Hotel Atlantic Station to shake hands with television’s first African-American “Bachelor” and get a glimpse of the show that chronicles Shawn’s quest to find true love. Attendees included Claudia Jordan (“Real Housewives of Atlanta”/BRAVO), Cynthia Bailey (“Real Housewives of Atlanta”/BRAVO), Maggie Bullard (“Match Made in Heaven”/WE tv), LeLee Lyons (“SWV Reunited”/WE tv), Ben and Jewell Tankard (“Thicker Than Water”/Bravo), Priyanka Banks (“Sorority Girls”/VH1), April McRae (“Sorority Girls”/VH1), Palmer Williams (“Love Thy Neighbor”/OWN), Judge Glenda Hatchett, Nicci Gilbert, Maja Sly (“Cutting It”/WE tv), Beautii Joseph (“Cutting It”/WE tv), Lou and Mushiya Tshikuka (“Cutting It”/WE tv), LaKenya Morris (“Cutting It”/WE tv), Dedra Allen (“Cutting It”/WE tv), Stacii Jae (“From the Bottom Up”/CENTRIC), Yvonne Capehart (“Sex Box”/WE tv), Stevie Baggs, Jr (athlete/actor), Melissa Knowles (HLN) and many more!

Photo credit- Briana Crudup

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