PHOTOS: Mimi Faust, Kari Redd & Ariane Davis Hosts Finale Traxx Girls Mansion Elan Party



The 2016 Real ATL Pride was lit this year thanks to all of the sponsors, party promoters, and all who came to Atlanta to have a great time. My homies over at Traxx Girls rolled out the red carpet for all the ladies to have a great time of fellowship, solidarity, and most importantly FUN. We made our way to Mansion Elan to turn all the way up for the FINALE party of the weekend. The beautiful ladies of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” served as the hostesses of the Goliath party and we were TURNT ALL THE WAY UP!

Check out the details after the break!!!!


My girls Mimi Faust,¬†Karlie Redd and Ariane Davis were lit as they hosted the EPIC Goliath Party as the finale for Traxx Girls‘ epic contribution to The Real ATL Pride weekend. The ladies came out to have a great time powered by my girls Melissa and Avian the engine under the dope Traxx Girls organization.

Celebrities were in the house include Bre Z, Mimi Faust, Dice Dixon, and all of the ladies of the ATL!



Traxx Girls is all about getting people together to have a good time and make lasting memories. I had the pleasure to work with the homies over the weekend and everything was amazing. It was truly a pleasure to support these great ladies over the weekend.

Check out all the fun we had at Mansion Elan in the images below.

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