PHOTOS: Missy Elliott Rocks the Stage at the 23rd Annual Essence Music Festival



Hip Hop/R&B Legend Missy Elliot gave a dope concert at the 2015 Essence Music Festival featuring some of the hottest acts in music, showed off her artistry as an accomplished musician, and her amazing catalog that instantly remind us of the good old days of feel good Hip Hop Music. Missy Elliott did not come alone she had the support of her good friends Monica, Tweet, and Jasmine Sullivan and they all had the opportunity to grace the stage.

Missy Elliott was amazing last night as she performed all of her greatest hits along with her celebrity friends Monica, Tweet, and Jazmine Sullivan. Missy Elliott got the crowd ready by asking in a fun voice,

“How many girls in here are looking for a hot boy? “A hot man?.. A hot dog?”

Missy looked amazing and fit as her hair flowed down her back and she changed outfits about five different times including a bad leather jumpsuit. The twenty year hip hop veteran jumped into the crowd as her anthem ‘Work It’ came on and brought the New Orleans Super Dome to its knees. One of the hottest moments when she brought out Jazmine Sullivan and Tweet.

Unfortunately just when things were getting HOT; there was a technical malfunction just before Monica was to grace the stage with Missy. Monica was so excited to support her longtime friend and musical colleague. At the end of the evening Missy Elliott apologized and told the audience that Monica was going to tear the stage up. I was so looking forward to see my girls do their thing!!!

Check out the images below.

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